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Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, Behaviour, feelings and physical well-being. A low feeling with sadness and loss of interest in regular and social responsibilities constitute depression. Causes of depression vary from a sudden change of lifestyle, mental emotional stress, medication, hormonal changes and after infections like flu and typhoid.


Anxiety, irritability and agitation.Desire to cry often.
1. A feeling of worthlessness, helplessness.
2. Tremendous amount of guilt.
3. Persistent sadness and hopelessness.
4. Loss of interest in daily activities.
5. Poor memory and concentration.
6. Change in sleep pattern.
7. Increase or decrease in appetite and weight.
8. Lack of energy and easy fatigue.
9. Thoughts of suicide or death.


1. Do not start SELF MEDICATION on your own. Get yourself investigated for other causes of depression from a qualified physician.
2. Relaxation techniques, regular exercises like aerobics and yoga help relax both mind and body.
3. Regular meditation is useful.A busy schedule helps but do not overwork in keeping the mind occupied.
4. A diet of whole grains, lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat dairy products and vitamin B complex and selenium helps. Take plenty of carbohydrates.
5. Identifying the cause of depression is the first step in overcoming it. Confront the cause and treat each problem separately - they will begin to appear less overwhelming. It is good to talk. Admitting you are unable to handle the problem alone may be difficult, but involving another person or a support group may be helpful. Discuss your greivances rather than bottling them up.