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Adenoids (nasopharyngeal tonsil) are a mass of lymphoid tissue situated posterior to the nasal cavity, in the roof of the nasopharynx, where the nose blends into the throat. In the back of the nose there is a small pad of tissue, whose job is to keep out infection. When this tissue deals with repeated infections, it can become chronically enlarged causing a condition called adenoids. They seldom occur after puberty.


  • 1. Allergy
  • 2. Repeated infection.


  • 1. Headache
  • 2. Fever
  • 3. Mouth Breathing
  • 4. Nose block
  • 5. Snoring
  • 6. Nasal voice
  • 7. Discharge from nose with cough
  • 8. Recurrent ear infections


  • 1. Strengthen your general resistance to infection by a diet rich in Vitamin C, green vegetables, fruits potatoes, tomatoes etc. Avoid Allergens.
  • 2. Avoid cold food & drink.
  • 3. Avoid preserved & artificially flavoured foods.
  • 4. Treat infections before they develop complications.
  • 5. Avoid crowded places.
  • 6. During active infection -take rest.
  • 7. Steam inhalation will give temporary relief, as will warm water gargles.
  • 8.Take steps to deal with stress, anxiety and tension as these can influence the frequency and severity of symptoms. Good nutrition, balanced diet, adequate rest and relaxation will be beneficial.